812: Sensory Block Set

Sensory Block Set photo
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  • Category: TT
  • No Pieces: 19
  • Manufacturer: ?+Tick It
  • Donated by: Lynette
  • Storage: : Box and Lid


  • A set of sensory rubberwood blocks that contain pockets filled with beads, coloured sand, water with glitter and coloured transparent acrylic. Four different shapes - square, rectangle, triangle and a semi circle and each have common factors of colour and shape. Use sensory blocks for construction, maths and language development too.
  • TickiT® Easy Hold Colour Panels Set are easy to hold solid rubberwood frames with handles, enclosing three differently coloured translucent panels that will help your child to engage with the world around them in a unique way. The inserts can be stacked for  colour-mixing. 


Set of 3 Easy Hold Colour Panel Set
4x Blue Rectangle Blocks
4x Red Square Blocks
4x Yellow Semi circles
4x Green Triangles

Please do NOT soak to clean. Make sure they are thoroughly DRY before returning to the container