Membership Options

Current Member Subscriptions Available as of January 1st 2024 - ALL FEES ARE NON- REFUNDABLE


A) 12 Month Family Membership $120 

We request that families help out a couple of times a year with Library Assistant duties doing cleaning, restocking shelves, stocktaking or at a working bee as they can  but especially with fundraising efforts. We usually have 3 big events a year, a catered dinner in February, The Leeston fete and the Christmas Parade so we need support with food or time donations for prepping for events or running stalls 

B) Committee $80 : We have meetings every quarter with some “business” being done in online chats. There is usually a planning meeting for any events too.

Both of these are eligible for a $10 discount with Community Services card or to be paid quarterly by arrangement


Casual: $10 for a 2 week period up to 4 times a year

Party Hire - For a $10 fee, you can hire up to 5 of our rideons and big toys plus 5 other toys.  If you are not a member there will be an additional $50 Security Deposit