Membership Options


Current Member Subscriptions Available as at January 1st 2020 - ALL FEES ARE NON- REFUNDABLE

Rolling 12 Month Family Memberships: $10 discount for Community Services Card Holders

A) Helping Member: $60  PLUS 4 “Helping Duties” may include helping man Fundraising stalls, assisting with catering or helping as a Library Assistant cleaning, restocking shelves, stocktaking or a working bee. If the helping duties are not completed during the year then you may not be eligible for a helping membership the next year.

B) No Obligation: $100 For families who arent able to commit to Helping but we do ask if you can assist with fundraising efforts if the opportunity arises This can be paid for the year or billed quarterly


  • Casual: $10 for a 2 week period up to 4 times a year

  • Party Hire - For a $10 fee you can hire up to 5 of our rideons and big toys plus 5 other toys.  If you are not a member there will be an additional $50 Security Deposit