Our team

Our Librarian Lisa is the first face you will see at the Toy Library! Lisa has been our Librarian since 2015 and has a great working knowledge of all our toys. Ask her to recommend a toy suited to your child.

We are always keen to add members to our committee, many hands make light work and all that, so ask us what is involved!

Gemma Thian


I''m Gemma, I''m a mum of 3 little people who keep me very busy, and have an organic farm in Southbridge. I have been president of the Ellesmere Toy Library for 3 years now and have been a member of the library for 6 years, I love being a part of it. Before I joined the committee, the library for my family was a fun place to go on a Saturday to choose new toys and have a chance to try some expensive things before purchasing them. 6 years on this hasn''t changed. I love how excited the kids are when we get to the library, there are always new things for them to try and some old favorites that seem to never get old. I love the convenience of being able to hire out big items for babies like an exersaucer and play gym knowing babies outgrow them so fast, it''s a positive for both us as a family and the environment by utilising the library during this time. We always welcome new members of both the library and the committee. If you haven''t had a chance to pop in yet, come and see us and all the wonderful toys we have to offer, We are always getting new things in so there''s always something to try from baby to 8! Hope to see you there

Hanna Leier


My name is Hanna, I fill the position of the Treasurer for our lovely Ellesmere Toy Library. I have been doing this for three years now. I enjoy working with this great team of committee members, busy moms who all manage to make time to keep this place running. I am a midwife and have two children, my boy Fionn who is 4 and my girl Aoibhinn who is 6. My kids have an ever-evolving interest in toys and rarely any toy is getting played with for a long time. Thinking of the amount of plastic being produced in the world of toy manufacturing, that will eventually end up in landfill makes me dizzy and when I look at what things cost these days, the toy library makes more than sense to me. The Ellesmere Toy Library has range of educational toys to offer. Rotating toys/toy sets in and out of use and have more children enjoy the same toy over and over again is such a fantastic concept, Come and join us, as member or bum on the committee!

Crystal Roles


Hi Im Crystal, a local Leestonite and Secretary for the Toy Library. I have a gorgeous almost two year old who goes on adventures galore, even in our own living room! I work full time work, plus all the time mum and soon to be published author. Life is busy but the absolute best! We love the toy library because of the toy rotation that inspires my son''s imagination and learning without having to buy many different things.



My name is Lisa and I''m the Librarian, I am the face you see when you visit the library. I''m a Mum of 3 and a Granny, as well as working part time for Playcentre. I have been the Toy Librarian for 7 years now and can see what a great resource it is for local families. I enjoy meeting new families and watching the children grow and change. It''s a great way to get involved with your community and helpers are always appreciated even if they don''t have young children anymore.

Taylor McRae-Mercer

Committee Member

My name is Taylor and I am a Mum of one, soon to be two, little people here in Leeston. I joined the Ellesmere Toy Library in 2020 as a second generation committee member, I currently hold the positions of fundraising officer and promotions officer! I love the Toy Library because children get bored easily with a toy so it is great being able to go each week to change them out for new ones, much cheaper than buying a new toy each week!