Term and Condition

Member Website: you will be provided with a username and password for our Member website where you can renew toys and memberships as well as reserve toys. https://ellesmeretoylibrary.mibase.co.nz/home

  1. Please be at the Library 15 minutes before closing to allow for your toys to be processed
  2. Toy Hire: Toy Hire is Free for up to 3 toys per child plus unlimited DVDs and puzzles for a two week period. Party Hire is $5 for up to 10 extra toys
  3. Overdue Toys: A charge of $1 per toy per week capped at $5 per fortnight. You can renew toys via text to the Librarian. A grace period of 1 week has been allowed. Overdue fines are charged at the discretion of the Librarian.Contact for renewals: Librarian - Lisa Bullock: 027 603 6873

  4. Missing Pieces: It happens! Please notify the Librarian of the missing piece when you return the toy. You will be charged a $2 fee per missing piece and this will be refunded when you return it. If a missing piece causes the toy to be incomplete, you are welcome to buy the toy (and we hope you find the piece at home) or pay to replace it. A value will be agreed between the committee and borrower for the toy.

  5. Broken toys: Toys break even in normal play. Don’t be embarrassed if this happens to you. Please notify us of any damage or broken pieces. It is important to us that our toys remain safe for use by all members. If a toy is returned damaged/broken, you may be charged a fee of generally $2.00. We understand our toys are well used and loved so if the toy has to be replaced then a replacement cost will be agreed between the committee and borrower or a suitable replacement can be provided.

  6. Cleaning Fee: Toys MUST be returned CLEAN and DRY. If not $2.00 will be charged for EACH toy returned dirty. Cleaning instructions can be found on our FAQs page on our website.

  7. All responsible care is to be taken of the toys and their containers.

  8. Batteries are NOT included and please do not leave batteries in our toys as they can corrode the workings

  9. Please DO NOT EXCHANGE toys with friends, even if they are Toy Library members. Loss or damage will be the responsibility of the family last recorded as the borrower.

  10. Roster members children are NOT permitted to remain while parent is on duty. It is too difficult to give your attention to duties as well as your children.

  11. OUTDOOR TOYS - please store  under cover or inside when not in use and return clean

YOU AGREE to abide by the rules of the Ellesmere Toy Library. From time to time these rules may be changed, in which case we will be notified by newsletter and on the noticeboard.

SUGGESTIONS: This is your Toy Library and we need your ideas to make it work so please speak up if you have any suggestions, queries or complaints as we want to hear from you.

Information gathered for files will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993