348: Tyrannosaurus Rex Game

Tyrannosaurus Rex Game photo
  • Category: FT
  • No Pieces: 22
  • Manufacturer: Holdson
  • Replacement cost: $25.00
  • Donated by: Church giveaway
  • Storage: : Plastic container


Every player starts with 4 different dinosaurs. The aim is to race your pieces round the board from the desert to home.

The classic dinosaur board game, where a bit of strategy and some luck are needed to avoid being munched.

Contains: 17 different dinosaurs, a set of die and playboard.

Age: 6+ years

2 – 4 Players

Made in New Zealand


Game board
3 dice
17 dinosaurs - 4 each of yellow, red, green, blue 1 black
Clear lidded container for dice and dinos

Each Dinosaur is numbered and named. Learn more about each one in the instruction booklet